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Choice Technologies FZC is one of the VoIP carriers of international voice traffic in the world and a leader in direct voice termination.

Founded in 2007, our company is emerging voice markets all over the world with a particular focus on South Asia, East Asia, Middle-East, Latin America and Africa.

Our headquarters are based in UAE.

The company was one of the early movers with its unaltered focus on a ‘pay as you go’ business model for both service providers and enterprise customers.

We are passionate about making sure you get the best possible solution for your business needs and queries reach the appropriate departments and individuals.

We are a fast growing international telecommunications company

We aim to help our customers and suppliers gain a competitive advantage by allowing them to focus on their core functions as we continue to deliver services and solutions above and beyond expectations.

Our solutions are perfect combination of most advanced hardware and software and they are meant to guarantee unmatched quality and efficiency.

The best possible solution for your business

Our customer support team is very well equipped, we will do our absolute best to answer any queries and solve any problems.